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Customs Clearance Agency 

We offer a complex service for entrepreneurs and for individuals trading with foreign entities.
Based on a UE Common Customs Code, we organize customs clearance within the field of all customs procedures:

  • customs clearance preparation for export (EX)
  • drawing consignment notes, season tickets TIR,CMR,SMGS
  • being in possesion of own customs guarantee gives u san opportunity to manage customs clearance in a common transit procedure (T1)
  • customs clearance preparation for import (IM)
  • issuing certificates of origin, EUR1.agencja 2

We offer to use a SP – simplified procedurę in export, launch of season ticket TIR and import, together with a possibility to settle VAT in a tax declaration, without an on-day payment when the goods are being imported from a third party. (art 33a pt.1 , VAT bill).
If you are a taxpayer executing activities with obligatory VAT included within the UE territory and you want to pay it delayed – you may use a procedure 4200 in Poland. Goods permitted for trading within the scope of procedure 4200 in Poland will be delivered to any UE country within a frame of common UE trading procedure.

Sukces LLC - Chełm Branch
22-100 Chełm, ul. Hutnicza 3, 1st floor

Liliana Dohojda - Customs Department Manager
skype: liliana.dohojda
mob.: +48 603 302 764
tel.: +48 82 565 36 24
tel.: +48 82 820 00 05

Marzena Kutryj - Customs Agency Manager
skype: dodexxxx
mob.: +48 603302341
tel.: +48 825655142, +48 825652649


Sukces LLC – simplified procedure

22-100 Chełm
ul. Chemiczna 5c
mob.: +48 607761050



Sukces Customs Clearance Agency LLC – frontier crossing in Dorohusk

Drogowe Przejście Graniczne
22-175 Dorohusk
tel: +48 82 566 10 65
skype: sukces.dorohusk


Sukces Customs Clearance Agency LLC – frontier crossing in Korczowa

Drogowe Przejście Graniczne
37-552 Młyny
tel. +480 16621059
skype: sukces.korczowa
mob.: +48 601053071

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